Things To Look Out For When Buying The SMS Marketing Script

A top quality SMS marketing script should give you total control of your mobile campaigns and enhances the mobile marketing business. It should be able to integrate with most SMS and should be able to minimize the need for customization integration.

The main features that need to be looked at are:

Customer management tool – the tool should be able to create unlimited clients and should be able to add credits to the clients account. It should enable to buy the SMS credits with an option to pay online and create and manage the campaigns. It should also be able to create and manage the subscription and the marketing lists

Online payment option – the customers should be able to buy the SMS credit and pay using the integrated online payment gateways. They should also be able to create an unlimited customer payment option

SMS package – the system should allow to create unlimited SMS package as well as define the quantity of the SMS credits. It should also determine the selling process of the SMS packages.

Support multiple currencies – it should allow creating and managing unlimited currency and exchange rates. It should be able to set a default currency that needs to be used for payments and transaction.

Rate definition – the system should allow dynamic define cost of SMS messages to various destinations. It can be done country wide and well as operator wise.

Responsive interface – it should be responsive and should be made accessible across all the device platform and screen sizes

Provide HTTP API support – it should be able to integrate with SMs and voice gateway and support API connect through HTTP or HTTPS

API integration –it should be able to provide all the necessary tools that are required in order to set up different kinds of HTTP APIs as this eliminates the need for customization integration

Allow 2-way messaging – it should allow sending as well as receiving messages and responses. These are great SMS features for marketing.

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