The future of advertising and online marketing

If you thought that we have already reached the pinnacle of advertising or that the online social marketing is the last level, then think again. The technology is evolving every second of the day. Brilliant minds and wizards keep coming up with more advanced ideas and sophisticated tools to implement those ideas. I have been watching the changing trends over the years and this is the advertising company I would use.

We must realize though that the ultimate aim is to sell something. Technology should not scare people away. The future of online marketing will have to go by what people want and are happy and comfortable with. One can see a lot of potential in social marketing as this appeals to our basic instinct of being a part of a larger community. We want to belong and be accepted by a community. So more advertisements will target social media platforms. These specific group focussed advertisements will definitely evolve.

With augmented reality and virtual world taking over our lives, the ads will also be more people specific. There are billboards, that track peoples’ eye movements and change the content and colours. So we can imagine in future the ads will be able to target individuals depending upon their browsing history. Not that it is not happening now, but it will definitely become better and people will be able to get search results faster.

The next big advertising boom could be in the mobile world. People on the go search for products online in their handheld devices. This is an emerging market yet. We must realize that people do get irritated with constant onslaught of marketing messages, which could be negative for the companies. So the advertisements will be shorter, precise but with more information, succinctly packed in a visually appealing capsule.

The future of digital marketing is on an upswing while the other media are slowing fading away. This is one bandwagon you cannot afford to miss.

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Make a living from YouTube video by expanding your subscribers

People know that they can make money from You Tube Channels. Many people use it to generate some extra income.  But they do not realize that it has so much potential that one can make a good living from this source. This includes both direct advertising earnings on YouTube and affiliate income, through the links posted along with the videos.

Let us start from the beginning. The first step is obviously to start a You Tube channel. But improve the given URL name with a better one that denotes your content and your specific niche. Another important thing is to choose a niche that is liked by more people and is your passion as well. Synchronising your ideas and creativity with entertaining people will ensure that it will be liked by more people. Search and find the kind and quality of content people are appreciating in your niche, so that you can produce better videos than already existing ones.

Use better tools, like key word planner, texting the dialogues, etc. Keep track of your video and analyse to see how it is faring, how the number of subscribers can be increased. You Tube has partner-programs, so you must read the terms and then allow the advertisers to use your video to advertise their products. This helps you to earn money as does the affiliate program.

The key here is to have a huge subscriber base. In the beginning, it is not a bad idea to Abonnenten auf YouTube kaufen, for the first few days or weeks, until the numbers multiply and then the popularity will improve with quality of your content and other factors. After the first hurdle of subscribers is crossed then there is no reason why you cannot make money from the You Tube. Just keep creating good quality, relevant content. Remember that you must be able to keep up with people’s changing viewing choices and use the best SEO tools. Keep earning more money from your passion.

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